The Revlon Girl by Neil Anthony Docking

The lights dim in the theatre. An ominous rolling sound can be heard approaching as rain patters outside.

The set is excellent – a sparse room, soon to be filled with the pain, grief, hope and laughter of five women. The Revlon Girl tells the story of a group of grieving mothers, whose children died in the 1966 Aberfan mining disaster. Set eight months after the tragedy, the women gather for a visit from a Revlon make-up girl. What follows is a moving story about guilt, grief and greed. Expertly written by Neil Anthony Docking, the play is a compact performance, just under an hour-and-a-half long. Most impressive is Docking’s ability to bring you to tears, and just a split-second later have you in a fit of laughter.

Geraldine Broderick has yet again proven her talent as a director, creating a nuanced, pacy, heartfelt take on the award-winning play.

The backstage team should be commended. The set, lighting and costuming are all outstanding. The company of actresses is most impressive. Their collective talent and commitment to the play shines through.

Gin Mabey gives a brilliant multi-layered performance as Rona, a woman raging against the world, as does Lisa Lauder, whose character Marilyn is desperately searching for answers – and peace. Mabey and Lauder are incredibly dynamic in their roles and provide great comedic moments.

Sarah MacIntosh is excellent as Jean, the vicar’s wife, who is expecting another child. Her monologue about lost son Kevin will leave you in tears.

Tiffany Johnston takes on the title role of the Revlon Girl. An accomplished musical theatre actress, Johnston proves her considerable acting chops with this performance. She is integral to the piece, never leaving the stage.

Most integral of all is Zoë Cruse, whose character Sian is the heart of the play. Born in Wales, Cruse is a sublime talent and lifts the entire cast with her incredible energy and skill.

This play is not one to be missed. Make sure you take tissues! Tickets are on sale at iTicket, the show runs 15-30 October 2021.
Reviewed by Jaden McLeod