SWINGERS by April Phillips


Production Team
Director:                                            Merv Beets
Production Assistant:                  
Linda Campbell
Stage Manager:                               Danielle Maulder


About the play:
Old Golfers Never Die, They Just Lose Their Balls! 


Golf: a game so annoying it was invented by God to punish people who retire early. Ralph, Archie and George have been golf buddies for donkeys’ years and now they’re retired and spending more time than ever on the course and in the 19th hole. Their handicaps are higher than ever, and their morale is low. Their long-suffering “golf widows” have had enough.
The girls want to enjoy their golden years and put some spice back into their lives.
Can these old timers get their marriages out of the bunker? Who will win the battle of the sexes? Will the game drive a wedge between them? Is there sex after sixty-five?



Audition Date:           Sunday 19th September 2021
Time:                         1pm to 3.30pm   
Where:                       16th Ave Theatre, Green Room (please enter via the side entrance as Rehearsals and Pack In happening in the auditorium




 First  Read Through – H&S briefing:   26 September 6.30pm –   8.30pm
Rehearsals start:  Sunday 3 October 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Mondays and Wednesdays:  7.30pm – 9.30pm
Sundays:  6.30pm to 8.30pm
Please not
No rehearsal – Thursday 7 and 14 due to The Revlon Girl on stage
No rehearsal – Sunday 24 October – Labour Weekend
Sunday 21 November –  will be Double Sunday 2pm to 8pm
All rehearsals will be held at 16 Ave Theatre.



Performance Dates:
24 November to 11 December 2021
Wednesday 24 November 7.30pm           Final Dress Rehearsal with FOH audience
Friday 26 November 7.30pm                     Opening Night
Saturday 27 November 7.30pm               
Sunday 28 November 2.00pm                   Matinee
Wednesday 1 December 7.30pm
Thursday 2 December 7.30pm
Friday 3 December 7.30pm
Saturday 4 December 7.30pm
Sunday 5 December 2pm                           Matinee
Wednesday 8 December 7.30pm
Thursday 9 December 7.30pm
Friday 10 December 7.30pm
Saturday 11 December 7.30pm                Final Night
 Sunday 12 December 9am                        Pack Out
Important notes:

  • All cast and crew of this show must become (if you are not already) a member of 16th Ave Theatre prior to rehearsals starting.     Membership forms are available on-line and payment can be made on-line or at the theatre via Eftpos.
  • If you are cast in the show you must be available for all rehearsals (unless otherwise arranged) and of course be available for all productions dates.
  • If you are not available for any rehearsal dates please let us know during your audition.
  • While talent is the primary consideration when casting, a high level of commitment is essential.   Our final choices for all roles will be made with this firmly in mind.
  • Audition recalls on Monday 6th September if necessary.
  • Please be aware that there are intimate scenes for all the characters in this play.  All couples are required to kiss.   Your director will talk to you about this at your audition,

Ralph Turner:          
Retired   Grumpy and cantankerous and thinks everyone but him is an idiot. Very serious about the game of golf.   Was once a scratch player, think Victor Meldrew from “One Foot in the Grave.”

Mabel Turner:          
Bored, lonely, depressed, and weary after 50 years of living with Ralph.  A housewife who has never worked and whose life revolved around keeping the house and raising children. Her drab grey wardrobe and constantly upset tummy reflects her outlook on life.

George Baxter:        
Retired. Happy go lucky and a joker. Very dapper and charming and although he fancies himself with the ladies, he is utterly devoted to his wife, Flo

Flo Baxter:                
“Go with the Flow” Flo is meek and mild, sweet, and softly spoken. A mouse. Agrees with everyone and does not like to cause a fuss.

 Archie Potter:          
Retired. A bit hen-pecked. A mild, cheerful, and easy-going chap of very puny build. Adores his wife but is a dark horse with a few secrets his mates do not know about.

Pam Potter:              
Big in voice, attitude, and size. Flamboyant, colourful, loud, and domineering. A very formidable, buxom woman who refuses to grow old!

For further details about the play, to request a copy of the script, and to register your interest in auditioning,  please email Linda,  the Production Assistant  on