Round 2 – now is your chance if you missed out.

Stepping Out – Round 2
Sunday 22nd July 2018
16th Ave Theatre, Tauranga

Due to a number of people not being able to make it to Stepping Out auditions the directors is doing another round this Sunday. Merv has opened it up to everyone – so if you missed it last week. Now is your chance! 4-5pm this Sunday.

Contact for more info – Merv on

This is a rollicking comedy about the attempts of some working class amateurs to overcome their inhibitions and left feet in a low-rent dance studio in North London. Mavis, a former professional chorus girl tries her hardest to teach the bumbling amateurs some terpsichorean skills for an upcoming recital. But before the dancing begins Mavis must mediate the minor dramas that erupt among this motley but loveable crew on their way to triumph at their recital.

Cast: 9 Females, 1 Male

Performance DATES: 23 November to 8 December

Cast Required:

Mavis – the teacher, ex-pro dancer, attractive, 30 – 50 Considerate, organised and always obviously in charge of the group. Required: must be a proficient tap-dancer

Lynne – eager to please, understatedly pretty, never wears make-up, a student nurse, about 20 – 25.

Dorothy, small, anxious, birdlike, habit of repeating other people’s last words… people’s last words, between 25 – 45,.

Maxine – confident, attractive, Jewish business woman, big diamond rings, 30 – 40.

Andy, timid, bullied by her husband, 25 – 40,.

Geoffrey, shy, quiet, honest, a bit bumbling, widower, has a crush on Andy, 30 – 50. Desirable: able to play the piano

Sylvia – short, bubbly, flirty, ample curves! Chews gum all the time, 25 – 40

Rose – larger than life, Trinidadian/Asian, wearing obvious wig, crucifix around her neck and lots of finger rings, 30 – 50.

Vera – neat, proper, snob, but well-meaning, expensive tastes in clothes (but doesn’t quite get it right), immaculate hair & make-up aspiring middle-class, 35 – 50.

Mrs. Fraser – the pianist, 50+, coat & hat, reads magazines, intolerant, sarcastic, grumpy, believes she is doing everyone a favour just by being there. Required, must be able to play the piano.

For more information contact Merv on Please come prepared to read for a role. If possible, come prepared with a 60-90 second dance routine (not necessarily tap). Auditions are open to everyone.