The Revlon Girl by Neil Anthony Docking

Eight months after the Aberfan Disaster of 1966, in which 144 people were killed (116 of them children), a group of bereaved mothers meet weekly above a local hotel to talk, cry and even laugh without feeling guilty. At one of their previous meetings, the women looked at each other and admitted how much they felt they’d let themselves go. Afraid that people will think them frivolous, they’ve secretly arranged for a representative from Revlon to come and give them a talk on beauty tips.

AUDITION DATE:     Sunday 4th July 2021  4pm to 6pm 

Place:                       The Green Room, 16th Ave Theatre, 164 16th Avenue, Tauranga

Director:     Geraldine Broderick 

Rehearsals:  Will start 1st August 2021 and will most likely be on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays

On Stage:  1st to 16th October 2021 

Cast Details – in order of appearance on stage  

SianLate twenties, bright, hopeful and eager to help, Sian is very much the instigator (and defender) of the evening’s event and is desperate for it to go well. 

Revlon:   Around the same age as Sian, Revlon is smart, well-groomed, well-bred, trusting and clearly does not come from a Welsh working-class mining village. 

MarilynEarly to mid-thirties, Marilyn is introverted, tense and fearful of change.   Though outwardly naive, she is very focused

RonaEarly to mid-thirties, Rona is fiery, foul-mouthed and indomitable.    She finds strength in rage, rejects authority and is easily set alight. 

JeanEarly to mid-thirties, Jean is stately, conservative and sociable.   Though she hails from the same background as Marilyn and Rona, Jean is now the wife of a respected church minister and therefore regards herself as a pillar of the community.  

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