16th Ave Theatre Youth’s GUEST HOUSE HOKITIKA!

Brand new comedic farce by 16th Ave Theatre Youth. We are looking for 7 actors, three males and four females to play various roles. 

Written by Sam Martin. 16th Ave Theatre YOUTH’s 2016 Greenroom Production

It’s 1946. You’re the most hated man in the world and you’ve just lost the Second World war. Where can you go to hide such a famous face?… Guest House Hokitika is a brand new comedy of errors that will have you in stitches from start to (unexpected) end!

The play will require a little bit of singing but no experience in this is needed to audition.

If you are aged 16-100 and would like to audition then come on down to 16th Ave Theatre on Saturday the 21st of May, 2pm. This is an open audition so just rock on up on Saturday!

For more information send us a message via our facebook page or email director Dyllan Martin at

Show dates:

MONDAY 11th JULY 7.30pm
TUESDAY 12th JULY 7.30pm
WEDNESDAY 13th JULY 7.30pm
THURSDAY 14th JULY 7.30pm
FRIDAY 15th JULY 7.30pm
MONDAY 18th JULY 7.30pm
TUESDAY 19th JULY 7.30pm
WEDNESDAY 20th JULY 7.30pm


PETUNIA SMYTHE: Owner of the guest house. A woman in her 30’s-50’s who dresses very prim and proper, Petunia values propriety above all else. But, scratch the surface just a little and she becomes over the top, dramatic and quite silly.

CLYDE SMYTHE: Long suffering brother of Petunia in his 30’s-50’s,Clyde is a typical ‘kiwi bloke’ – apart from his dressing up! He never speaks as himself and uses his many characters to communicate.

ALFONSO: (age 50-60) Caricature of Adolf Hitler. Alfonso escaped Berin after the Second World War ended and is now hding out in a small guest house in the New Zealand town of Hokitika, awaiting his ride on a U-Boat to South America where he will re-group and dominate the world once more.

EVIE: (age 20-30) Caricature of Eva Braun. Evie escaped Berlin with Alfonso and has been hding out in Hokitika with him. Child-like and unintelligent, she misunderstands most situations.

EDITH DURAND:(age 20’s) (Cynthia) From a French/English background, Edith lost her parents in The Blitz when she was just 16. Out of necessity, she forged a career as Europe’s best art thief, disguising herself as an art dealer.

ERNSHAW: (age 40-60) Stiff upper lip English gentleman. One time English policeman tuned Nazi Hunter, Ernshaw lost his wife and daughter in The Blitz. He is now part of a crack team of 2 who’s mission it is to bring Nazis to justice.

CARTER: (indeterminate age) No nonsense Yank Carter is a woman in a man’s world. Trained in the army, she now hunts Nazis with Ernshaw, whom she is also having an affair with.

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