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Open auditions for our June production of Death Of A Salesman, the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play by Arthur Miller.
Season – 8-25 June 2016

AUDITIONS – 20th March 5-7pm @ 16th Avenue Theatre
Ring Zoe Kennedy for expressions of interest or to read a script prior to auditions Ph:578 4656 or email for more info.

Cast Required:

WILLY LOMAN (M-60’s) a travelling salesman who struggles to provide for his family, keep his sanity and the respect from his boys.
BIFF LOMAN (M-30’s) Willy’s elder son. He struggles to find his true self and also understand the nature of the love for his father.
LINDA LOMAN (F-late 50’s) Willy’s wife. She struggles to nurture and love her family and be the anchor and support they need.
HAPPY LOMAN (M-30’s) Willy’s younger son. He is popular with the ladies and he dreams of corporate success and wealth.
CHARLEY (M-60’s) Willy’s next-door neighbor and friend. He is a successful businessman but not in a flaunting way.
BERNARD (M-30’s) Charlie’s son; also Biff and Happy’s childhood friend. He is a successful lawyer in his own right.
UNCLE BEN (M-open) Willy’s successful brother who found wealth by exploring Africa.
THE WOMAN (F-30’s) Willy’s mistress. They meet in a hotel room in Boston.
HOWARD WAGNER (M-30’s) Willy’s boss. He inherited the business from his father and has little respect for Willy.
JENNY (F-20’s) Charley’s secretary.
STANLEY (M-30’s) The waiter at Frank’s Chop House.
MISS FORSYTHE (F-20’s) A Party woman.
LETTA (F-20’s) A Party woman.

For a full synopsis click here