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Dirty Dusting – 15 to 30 June 2018      (Comedy)

By Ed Waugh and Trevor Wood

Directed by Denis Smith 

Synopsis – When three cleaners, Olive, Gladys and Elsie, are threatened with redundancy they feel that their lives are coming to an end until a chance wrong number gives them a new business start-up idea – why not run a telephone sex line? They’ve got motive, opportunity and a lifetime of experience – some more than others, mind you. Provided Elsie can teach the other two a few new tricks there’s no reason why they can’t get rich quick providing they can keep their operation a secret from their bosses… and their husbands…and their children…and their grandchildren.     


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The free taster session will be held on 6th of February. Every Tuesday starting again 13th February - register now Phone: 0221656155 or email: nowyouact@gmail.com 12 to 16 years old group:    4:00 P.M to 5:00 P.M. 17 to 21 years old group:    5:30 P.M to  6:30 P.M 22...

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ITS AUDITION TIME! Open auditions for our March 2018 production of...     THE PERFECT MURDER, a highly entertaining dark comedy, written by Peter James and directed by Melissa Osgood, might just leave you sleeping with one eye open!   SEASON RUNS: March 9-24th 2018...

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