Welcome to 16th Ave Theatre

Welcome to 16th Ave Theatre

Expertly written by Neil Anthony Docking, The Revlon Girl tells a very human story of a group of grieving mothers who came together as a support network for each other after the mining disaster in the Welsh mining village of Aberfan.
The disaster happened in 1966, when an estimated150,000 tonnes of colliery waste slipped suddenly and unexpectedly from the mountain above. The waste took out a farmhouse, two rows of houses, eventually making its way to the local primary school killing a total of 144 people: 116 of them children.
This is a powerful and poignant play, based on real-life stories with extreme highs, as well as extreme lows which will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions as we meet bereaved mothers Sian, Marilyn, Rona, and Jean at one of their weekly meetings offering them respite from the reality they face in the outside world.
At this meeting, some eight months after the tragedy, they have secretly arranged for a Revlon girl to come and give them beauty tips to make them feel better about themselves, despite feeling guilty for doing so.


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Live Theatre in a Covid World

Events at Level 2 look a bit different at 16th Ave Theatre, so here are some important things to know before you come to see The Revlon Girl which opens on Friday 15th October 2021. • All performances of The Revlon Girl will have no more than 40 audience members •...

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New Dates

Due to Covid 19 Lockdown, we have postponed the opening of The Revlon Girl. Opening night will now be Friday 15th October and final night will be Saturday 30th October 2021. While we are in Delta Level 2, ticket sales will be reduced to 40 per night, to keep us under...

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